Geoff  - this is my story!

I was born in Liverpool, England in 1942 and spent a good deal of my early child hood there as well as my primary grade schooling. My first exposure to music was piano lessons at the age of 8 but these stopped when we immigrated to Canada in 1953 with my parents. Our first 'home' in Canada was with my dad's Aunt & Uncle in Kars, Ontario where we lived for about 5 months while my parents found work & a place of their own to live.

We moved thereafter to Richmond, Ontario where I completed primary & secondary school, leaving Richmond in 1960 and moving to Ottawa. After getting my High School diploma at Laurentian High & attending Carleton University for 1 year, I joined Bell Canada as a technician in the fall of 1962.

In that same year I met my wife Teena & we were married in 1964, moving into the 'Bayshore' subdivision as the 8th rental tenants in what now is a huge complex.  Although at that time we didn't own a piano, I continued with my love of music by learning to play the guitar while occasional 'plinking the ivories' whenever I got the opportunity. The guitar became my 'instrument of choice' as our family grew to 4 sons and my career in Bell moved forward into management.

It was during these early years that I joined the Jaycees (also referred to as the Junior Chamber of Commerce) and between Bell & Jaycees I managed to learn a thing or two about leadership & teaching - two skills that would be invaluable in later years (or so I found out!). During all this, my wife, a Registered Nurse, worked full time at several different local hospitals & together we raised our 4 sons, moving back to Richmond in 1972. While in Richmond, and as a natural part of raising 4 boys,  I became involved in the 1st Richmond Scouts as their Scoutmaster for a number of years; then Soccer for about 15 years as a Referee, Coach, Player as well as the 'chair' of our local soccer club. With all of that, I found time serve our church as Chair of the Board of Management (as did Teena) These were very busy years for us and for the most part, music & guitar went on the back burner !

As the boys grew up, left home & got married etc., during 1990 we sold our house in Richmond & moved into a new one in Stittsville. We had purchased a new piano along the way as Teena wanted to learn to play and so my interest in music was re-kindled starting to play the piano again after a break of some 30 years!

It was while we were living in Stittsville that Teena's sister Barbara tried to get us interested in Square Dancing.  As I had never (square) danced in grade school as many 'Canadian' kids had done, so I knew very little about it, AND, I didn't really like 'country' music at that time, so I thus forcefully resisted & said 'no way'!  I managed to maintain this resistance for about 3 years & then finally gave in to the increasing pressure and agreed to go 'just once' to give it a try, attending an open house at the Mississippi Squares Club in Carleton Place. That was the fall of 1993, we got hooked and we haven't looked back! We love to Square Dance, currently dancing up to A2 & as well as still dancing the occasional Phase 2 Rounds.

In the fall of 1995 as several of the local Callers were heading into retirement, an information session was held in Ottawa to try & recruit anyone that "might be interested" in Calling.  Teena & I attended and .... well .....   the rest of that story is contained elsewhere on this web site on my Caller Bio page.

In 2000, Bell Canada offered me a retirement package which I gladly accepted, retiring in Feb 2001.   In that same year, we sold our house in Stittsville & had a new bungalow built on 2 acres of bush just outside Carleton Place (coming full circle in a way - back to where we started to dance?)  The following year Teena retired from the Birth Unit of the Queensway Carleton Hospital so we can both 'take it easy' enjoying our retirement home, our 16 grandchildren and 2 (so far) Great Grand-daughters! 

We love it here as we're surrounded by trees, peace & quiet with deer, foxes, groundhogs, rabbits & friends strolling out of the bush to check us out (& eat Teena's hostas!).

Oh yes... and still Square Dancing, Round Dancing and Calling too !!


Last Updated:  29 Aug 2017