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History & Heritage Online Guide to Square Dancing
Square Dance History

For Dancers

Animated calls from Basic through to C3A
On-line video lessons in MS & Plus
A pretty good site to let you review many of the MS & Plus calls. Any questions, check with your CLUB caller first! << Be sure to turn your speakers on >>

Canadian Square & Round Dance Society (CSRDA)
Information on Canadian Federations, Associations,
Clubs, Publicity & Promotion, etc.
Ontario Square and Round Dance Federation (OSRDF)
The Ontario Federation is the all-volunteer coordinating body for Square, Round, Clog, and Line Dancing in Ontario.

Eastern Ontarion Square and Round Dance
Association (EOSARDA)
Square and Round Dancing has been active across Eastern Ontario since the early 1950s. In Eastern Ontario, EOSARDA covers Square, Round, and Line dancing.
Ottawa Contra Dancer Group
Dances feature fabulous live music and calling from the Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, the New England states and beyond. Whether you are in your 20s or in your 60s, traveling solo or bringing your partner/family come out for a great evening of big smiles and community fun.

Square & Round Dancers of South Western Ontario
Information on Clubs, Publicity, Promotion & history, etc. of square and round dancing in South Western Ontario.

Toronto & District S & RD Association (TDSRDA)
The T&D Square and Round Dance Association promotes square and round dancing in the Toronto area of Southern Ontario.

United Square Dancers of America (USDA)
he United Square Dancers of America, INC. serves to represent the square, round, contra, clogging, line and heritage dancer in decisions which are made at the national level relative to the development and growth of the dance activity. This representation takes place through the various State and Regional organizations affiliating with the USDA.
Florida Federation of Square Dancers (FFSD)
The Florida Federation of Square Dancers, through its five associations and many clubs, welcomes all square and round dancers from around the world to come and dance with us. In Florida, you will find friendly hospitality and fellowship which will provide a thoroughly enjoyable square and round dancing experience.
Grand Canyon Square Dance Association (GCSDA)
The Grand Canyon Square Dance Association is a non-profit organization striving to promote good fellowship and a spirit of friendliness among all who share the common interest in square dancing, which is defined to include square, round, contra, clogging and line dancing and to sponsor square dance activities.
Square and Round Dance Association of Southern Arizona
If you're a Mainstream, Plus, Advance or Challenge level Square Dancer; a Phase 1 through 6 Round Dancer; or a beginner to advanced Clogger, you will find something for you.
The Texas State Federation of Square and Round Dancers (TSFSRD)
The Texas State Federation of Square and Round Dancers promotes fun, entertainment and exercise to any age group through Square Dancing, Round Dancing, Clogging, Contra and Line Dancing. Social interaction and the formation of lasting friendships are an integral part of the organization.
California Square Dance Council Inc.
The Council promotes square and round dancing in California, promotes special events as well as representing square and round dancing to the general public as a wholesome and enjoyable type of recreation.

For Callers & Cuers CallerLab
International Association of Square Dance Callers. As an organization of square dance callers, part of our mission is to provide education and guidance to callers.  CALLERLAB also maintains information (lists, definitions, and other information) on a variety of dance program from Basic through C-3A.
A non-profit educational organization for round dance leaders world-wide, established in 1976 by round dance teachers to provide a framework for standardizing various aspects of the activity such as dance figures, cue terms, cue sheet format and teaching methodology.
A single website for ALL record labels currently in the business of producing music for Square Dancing. **New** in 2015
Lyrics Freak
Lyrics to just about any song that's out there especially from earlier years!   (eg: 50's etc)
DOSADO.COM (formerly Hanhurst/Palomino Music)
Newly re-launched in Jan 2016, it is a major source of Square & Round Dance Music; Publications, Equipment etc.
Supreme Audio
Supplier of different types of audio systems, headsets, mikes, etc.
Cue Sheets on the Internet
Get all Cue Sheets on your mailed in media. We will paste all Cue Sheets on your device and mail it back.