Caller's Corner         

This is the 2016 version of the Caller's Corner column that I write for the (EOSARDA) Square Time magazine which is published four times a year. The first edition of the column appeared in the Square Time February 2016 issue. This column is intended to provide dancers, both new & experienced, with helpful information on Square Dancing in general as well as "tips" on various aspects of our great activity. It is hoped that this will prove beneficial to all.  

Within the column will be the opportunity for any dancer to ask any question about Square Dancing.  All you have to do is send an email to and I will answer each & every email directly.  If the question is of 'general interest' to all dancers, then I will publish both your question & my answer in the 'Caller's Corner' column.  Questions & answers will be preserved on this page & thus made available to all.  Below, you will find a list of the topics covered with direct links to the associated column article.  

Note: that all the files are in PDF format & you will need Adobe Reader in order to be able to view the document. 
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What do you do if your Square breaks down ?
OUCH !! - Hand "Contact"; Hand "holds".. take it easy!